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In 25 BC, Vitruvius described a good building design as comprising three key elements: firmitas, utilitas, and venustas (structural strength, functional utility, and beauty). Beauty refers to aesthetics of the design. Structure pertains to the strength of the construction. Function includes intangible aspects that allow the building to serve the purpose it was designed for. These elements are interrelated. (3rd party source)

Architects Integrating Industry, herein after Ai2SA (pronounced A I TWO S A or AI2SA) was born out of this need to provide industrial clients with independent yet specialist services to address the needs which exist in both good and bad times to ensure sustainability.

During good times we specifically focus on supporting our clients starting with up front scoping up to tender award and also the execution phase. We provide continuity in the form of project management to ensure that all quality requirements are met while achieving time deadlines, cost as well as managing risks. We continuously assist our clients by identifying risk free cost reduction alternatives. The focus is also on integrating the respective disciplines and technologies as closely as possible to ensure an integrated solution.

During bad times we focus acutely on identifying ways to reduce our strategic clients costs base. This could be by drafting specifications and obtaining proposals from various vendors to ensure optimal prices may be negotiated. This is achieved since we are not associated to suppliers and therefore do not need to help them protect their margins. We simply charge for our time in securing the optimal commercial and technical proposal. Next due to our extensive procedural knowledge we are able to assist companies in optimising their work flow and resource loading pertaining to Industrial Systems. Finally while not our core competence we do have in depth maintenance experience and do from time to time get involved in supporting our strategic clients in need.

Therefore AI2SA typically fulfills the same role as a traditional architect in compiling user requirement specifications (URS) formulating designs or blue prints along with the proposed plan or method in order to be able to build something based on their experience. Due to our independence, we are in the position to audit conformance.

AI2SA has in depth experience with the formulation of user requirements (URS) on a wide range of systems, specifically within the mining and manufacturing industries. This expertise is focused around the control and productions system layers along with its supporting sub sections and infrastructure.

AI2SA also has in depth knowledge with compiling specifications for the above mentioned areas as well as facilitation of this process. The aim however is to balance the clients needs with what is technologically available in order to avoid over selling of respective supplier’s products.

Once a tender is awarded AI2SA will assist with contract management to ensure that the original expectations are met.

Our services are aimed at industry and we specialize in control and production systems and the associated infrastructure.

On a lighter side also according to Vitruvius, "The ideal architect should be a man of letters, a mathematician, familiar with historical studies, a student of philosophy, acquainted with music, not ignorant of medicine, learned in the responses of juris consultis, [and] be familiar with astronomy and astronomical calculations. (3rd party source)