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AI2SA is built on the following foundation of core values ensuring objective service delivery:

  1. Confidentiality, it goes without saying as we wish to work with multiple stakeholders…
  2. Honesty, our business model is built on this trust…
  3. Simplicity, to ensure concepts may be replicated…
  4. Passion, we love what we do and to add value within industry…
  5. Continuous Improving, by using our analytical ability we learn and stay ahead…
  6. Independence, again without this our model will not work…


1st we would like to see an industry which is far more mature and integrated than present.

2nd we would like to see ourselves as an independent extension of our strategic clients in need, specifically in terms of assisting with all the required up front “tender services” and the successful project management functions during the industrial systems implementation phase. In the future we hope to grow our business resource base, enabling us to specify requirements in much more detail thereby ensuring optimal contract management conditions.

Ultimately as the acronym “Ai2” (associated with Artificial Intelligence) suggests we would like to evolve into a company which specializes in business optimization be it via systems or processes…

In the future we wish to align ourselves with other recognized industry bodies and already are in strict compliance with most of their policies and procedures.


Our slogan defines our mission: “Optimally Scoping & Managing Industrial Systems Projects”


The AI2SA business model should be measured on the following metrics during the respective phases:

During “Upfront” Tender Phase:

  1. Comprehensive specifications to ensure optimal Project Management.

During Implementation Phase:

  1. Project to be delivered in contracted time to ensure maximized returns…
  2. Project to be delivered within the clients contracted budget i.e. reduced variation orders…
  3. Project to be delivered at least amount of risk to avoid / reduce outages…
  4. Project to be delivered at the contracted quality specifications…


AI2SA feels that we differentiate our selves as follows from our competition:

  1. Our value system which is specifically focused on building trust
  2. Our business model since we do not wish to compete with a system integrator
  3. Our track record and references, we have performed a multiple of these projects
  4. Our focus on high risk brown field change over projects
  5. Our innovative low cost low risk pricing models
  6. Our exposure to both a corporate and system integration environment
  7. Our ongoing commitment to better ourselves via learning
  8. Our understanding of expectation management
  9. Our engineers are encouraged to become members of The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)
  10. We encourage our independent partner’s growth and proactively play a mentoring role in their development…
  11. We have put systems and in place such as insurances and backup management to ensure additional continuity in the business...